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Free Health Screenings


DOCTORS UNITED supports our local communities by providing free health screenings both in and out of our offices.


More About Our Free Health Screening

This comprehensive health screening discovers and pinpoints the cause of your health problem so that the correct treatment program can begin.

This consultation and screening will help get to the bottom of your health issues so we can suggest what can be done to help you overcome your problem.

  1. How do I participate in this screening?
    It’s very easy. Once you enter our office you will receive a free health screening by one of our licensed personnel.
  2. Is there any charge for this screening?
    This screening is absolutely free, no cost or obligation. We provide this service to fulfill our commitment to our communities for improving healthcare in the area.
  3. How do you get this free service?
    Simply call or walk into one of our offices. Our staff are ready to help you as soon as you arrive.

Office Locations:


914 693-8787 or click here for directions.

South Bronx: 

718 589-9588 or click here for directions.

White Plains:

914 328-6080 or click here for directions.


914 968-5125 or click here for directions.

North Bronx

click here for directions.

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