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Can Physical Therapy Help with My Hip Arthritis?

Since its inception in the early 19th century, physical therapy has helped millions of people—of all ages, with various health conditions and injuries—restore their function and live normal lives.

In particular, physical therapy plays a major role in hip arthritis treatment, helping patients improve their range of motion, strength, and normal movement in their hip and legs.

If you have hip arthritis, here’s how physical therapy can exactly help you effectively manage your condition.

The Goal of Physical Therapy in Hip Arthritis Management

The main goal of physical therapy in hip arthritis management is to get you moving safely and effectively. Your physical therapist will help you achieve this goal by crafting a customized plan of care according to your unique situation and goals and on clinical judgment.

Your physical therapist will be with you in every phase of your rehabilitation journey, performing important functions, such as the ones listed below:

Improving Your Range of Motion and Muscle Strength Through Exercise

If you are living with hip arthritis, exercise may seem counterintuitive, but a lack of it can actually exacerbate your condition.  Your physical therapist may incorporate the following forms of exercise to help you move more and better.

Book a Physical Therapy Appointment

At Doctors United, our conservative treatments include bracing, injections, and physical therapy to help you manage your symptoms. We have licensed physical therapists on-site who employ therapeutic exercises and manual therapy treatment to help you safely restore your normal function.

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